Markup Investigation

Find ways to make our markup content as useful as possible

Enriching Claim Review

Full Fact regularly publishes fact checks on a variety of topics. Data about these fact checks are published using the Claim Review standard, ensuring that they are prominently displayed on search engine results.

Beyond supporting the basic Claim Review standard Full Fact are keen to find others ways to make their content as useful as possible. This includes enriching it with additional structured data and making that data available via an API.

The notes in this project are the results of a short exercise to explore ways to enrich and extend the Claim Review standard with additional data.

Each folder explores a single use case.

The use cases to be explored are:

  1. basic usage of Claim Review – review of some initial questions from Full Fact around how best to use the core Claim Review model
  2. identifiers and linking – how can additional links and identifiers be introduced into the data to support linking and aggregation of data?
  3. reuse of fact checks – how can existing fact checks be linked to claims that are repeatedly made by people at different times and places?
  4. corrections, retractions and recommended actions – how can corrections and retractions to source material and fact checks be best communicated? And how can Full Fact’s role in driving those changes be described?
  5. citing evidence – how can evidence used in creating a fact check be referenced from a Claim Review?
  6. Claim Review api design – initial thoughts on designing an API around the Claim Review model

Within each folder, the markdown/HTML files contain the discussion while the .jsonld files provide JSON-LD examples.